Allergy & Its Genetic Propagation

How many of us are aware that allergies are hereditary?

"Its not me ! Its my parents !"

Following case histories (recorded at Dr. Bakshi’s Clinic) make an interesting reading, as they elucidate the concept of Allergy and its genetic propagation.

Case Study

These case histories substantiate the endogenic origin of allergy. They also show how allergy affects the person of all age groups & involves one system after the other, unless body's immunity is reinforced. So while one person in a family may have allergic manifestations in the form of recurrent cough & cold another may demonstrate a tendency to have allergic rashes in the summers or Arthritis during winters. The same allergy may manifest itself as Eczema or some form of gastric disorders.

This can be further explained with the help of this family, which was under our treatment: The first and second generation had a history of Arthritis. The 3rd generation did not suffer from Arthritis till the age of 50 years but suffered from other allergic symptoms all along. The 4th generation lady did not have any problem but when pregnancy diminished her body’s resistance - she developed pains all over her body. The 5th generation baby girl, however, experienced muscle pains right at the tender age of 5 years!

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