Allergy is a reaction of our immune system and people who have allergies often are sensitive to more than one thing. These reactions occur to environmental substances known as allergens; and are acquired, predictable and rapid.

Dr. S.P.S. Bakshi, CMD Bakson Group says that allergy due to external trigger factors is actually exogenic but the root cause of all such ailments is endogenic or hereditary.

Inflammation is characterised by excessive activation of certain white blood cells in our body called mast cells and basophils, by a type of antibody known as IgE, resulting in an extreme inflammatory response.

Inflammatory processes may affect the skin, resulting in eczema, urticaria, acne, psoriasis, alopecia or in case of respiratory sysem - tonsillitis, sinusitis, recurrent sneezing, bronchitis and even asthma.

Food allergies include inflammation along the digestive tract and this may be in the form of mouth ulcers, gastric ulcers, peptic ulcers or colitis, with irregular bowel habits. The common symptoms are pain, redness, dryness and swelling. According to Dr. Bakshi, homoeopathic treatment, which boosts immunity and treats from within, is the answer.

Some of the commonly prescribed medicines are:

  • Bakson’s Aller Aid Tablets: For running nose and fever with sinus congestion, take one tablet three times a day.
  • Dr. Bakshi’s Homoeopathic Formula D Tablets: For skin ailments characterised by redness, intense itching, scaling and oozing eruptions. Take one tablet once daily. Once the improvement starts, reduce the dosage to twice weekly i.e. Monday & Thursday.
  • Bakson’s Rheum Aid Tablets and Syrup: Relieves pain, stiffness and impaired functioning of the affected parts. Take one tablet or one tablespoon of syrup three times a day. It is also available in gel form as an external application for muscular pains.
  • Bakson’s Gastro Aid Tablets and Syrup - Provides relief from indigestion, hyperacidity, abdominal cramps and constipation. Take one tablet four times a day and 1 -2 teaspoon of syrup with some lukewarm water three times a day after meals. The above medicines should be taken under the supervision of Registered Homoeopathic Medical Practitioner only.: Effective for all types of acne. Take 10-15 drops mixed in water, once a day.

All medicines are to be taken under the guidance of a Registered Homoeopathic Medical Practitioner.

" Allergy due to external trigger factors is actually exogenic but the root cause of all such ailments is endogenic or hereditary ".

Dr. S.P.S. Bakshi
CMD, Bakson Group