Events & Activities


1. Orientation:
Dr. SPS Bakshi welcomed the new batch of students on 13th Nov`2017. The students were introduced to the teachers and their subjects. They were also informed about the Anti Ragging Squad.

2. A Visit to Bakson Drugs & Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd (BDPL):
I yr BHMS (2017-18) students visited BDPL Roorkee – Mussourie from 26th March to 29th March 2018 to study the manufacturing of Homoeopathic medicines under large scale.

3. Visit to Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia Laboratory, Ghaziabad:
Iyr BHMS (2016-17) visited the Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia Laboratory, Ghaziabad on 12th July 2017 to gain knowledge about Standardization of drugs & finished products.

4. Community Medicine Visits:
(a) Anganwadi Visit, Malakpur on 22-03-17 to study the functions & beneficiaries of Anganwadi under Dr.Ratnesh (HOD, CM).

(b) Water Treatment Plant, Ganga Water Treatment Plant, Ghaziabad on 26-04-17to study various steps of purification of water & procedure of conversion of impure water to portable water with Dr.Ratnesh, Dr.Ritu Khanna. Dr. Puneet Garg and Dr. Anita Adak.

(c) DOTS Centre on 05-05-17 to study about Revised National TB Control Programme & to know about DOTS with Dr.Ratnesh and Dr.Ritu Khanna. An NGO was also associated to make people aware and send the screened individuals to DOTS Centre.

(d) Mother Dairy in sector 1, Noida on 28-07-17 to know Pasteurization of milk and gain knowledge about milk and milk products.

(e) Sewage Treatment Plant, Sector 54,Noida on 16-11-17 to gain knowledge about sewage treatment process with Dr.Ratnesh and Dr.Ritu.

(f) Field study to Malakpur village on 28-11-17 to study the family structure, their socio economic conditions , housing conditions and their quality of life with Dr.Ratnesh.