Events & Activities


1. Orientation Program:
Dr. SPS Bakshi welcomed the new batch of MD students on 10th Nov’2017. An orientation was held for them where they were explained about their responsibilities.
2. Symposium:
Symposium is a unique feature of our MD programme which is a formal gathering in an academic setting where experts deliver their knowledge on a subject. These Symposiums are conducted in our college on regular basis.
(a) SYMPOSIUM ON ANXIETY DISORDERS (31-01-17) Dr. Anju Singh, a renowned Psychotherapist educated students on Anxiety Disorders & its management.
A team of our faculty namely Dr.Kathika Chattopadhyay, Dr. Kriti Gupta, Dr. Anita Adak, Dr. Harman Cheema, Dr.Shweta Gautam &Dr.Somesh Mishra threw light on the Anatomical, Physiological, Pathological, Clinical & Homoeopathic aspects on Anxiety.
(b) SYMPOSIUM ON PCOS (10-07-17) Faculty members of Obstetrics & Gynaecology and Paediatrics namely, Dr. Meenakshi Ambwani, Dr.Charu, Dr.Ritu Khanna, Dr. Jaya Gopalani, Dr. Usha Kushwaha & Dr.Chandramukhi Gupta, came together and explained about the intricacies and management of Polycystic Ovarian Disease.
(c) SYMPOSIUM ON LOWER RESPIRATORY TRACT DISEASES (13-09-17) Members of Departments of Community Medicine, Pathology, Paediatrics, Repertory & Organon, as a conjoint effort, enlightened us with the information about Lower Respiratory Tract Disorders.
3. Seminar:
Bimonthly seminars are conducted by famous guest speakers from India & Abroad-

03-04-17 Dr.Tarkeshwar Jain Study of MM through Periodic Table
12-04-17 Dr. Isaac Golden
[Federation University, Austria Honorary Research Fellow Faculty of Medicine]
Homoeoprophylaxis – A General Introduction
29-04-17 Dr. Rajat Chattopadhyay Homoeoprophylaxis – A General Introduction Homoeopathic Understanding of Clinical Medicine
28-08-17 Dr. Anupam Kumar
(Prof.) HOD Organon of Medicine
Essence of Organon of Medicine
24-11-18 Dr. Sajjan Rajpurohit
[Consultant & Head of Unit, Medical Oncology, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Cancer, New Delhi]
Immunotherapy in Cancer Treatment
  Dr. Kundan Singh
[Surgeon Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Cancer, New Delhi]
Signs & Symptoms, Screening & Diagnosis in Precancerous & Cancerous Disease
  Dr. Chetna DeepLamba
[RO, Scientist 2, CCRH]
Scope of Homoeopathy in Oncology – A Research Perspective
Dr. SajeevAmpadi
HOD, Cardiology Essence Medical College of Homoeopathy, Canada
Cardiology with Homoeopathic Management and Approach
08-03-18 Dr. Mahesh Mallapa
Introduction to Anniversary Programme to Dr.GeorgeVitholkas
14-03-18 Dr.DivyaTaneja
Ethics for Publications
  Dr.Anil Khurana
[Deputy Director General, CCRH
Writing Research Papers
  Dr.Saurav Arora
[Founder & Director at Research in Homoeopathy- IPRH]
Popular Writing

4. Journal Club:
In our PG Curriculum, it is mandatory for our PG students to pick up one research article from any latest Journal; understand, interpret & present it to the rest of their colleagues. This activity is supervised by the appointed faculty member & runs as a weekly programme.
5. Case Presentation:
Under this programme, one OPD case is chosen for a thorough Case Analysis; a detailed work up of case taking, Diagnosis, Case Synthesis, Rubric Selection, Repertorization& finally Prescription and dosage is performed. This enhances the knowledge and understanding of a case which not only helps in getting a good prescription but also helps our PG students towards better understanding of Homoeopathic Case taking.
6. Bedside Presentation:
This is a bi - weekly program which is conducted by our guest faculty surgeons. An appropriate In- patient is chosen and a thorough case study is presented which concentrates on the clinical features, diagnosis, investigations and management.