Bakson Homoeopathic Medical college has a full-fledged hospital which has a running inpatient, outpatient and peripheral OPDs.

IPD constitutes of 67 beds distributed amongst General ward with 44 beds divided into Female ward with 15 beds, Male ward with 12 beds, paediatric ward with 9 beds, surgery ward with 4 beds and an emergency ward with 4 beds each; Semi private and private wards with 15 and 7 beds respectively.

Our Outpatient department consists of 11 consulting chambers which are further divided into 4 for Medicine, 2 for Obstetrics and Gynaecology, 1 for surgery, 1 for paediatrics, 1 for Psychiatry, 1 for Physiotherapy and 1 for naturopathy.

We also provide Yoga facilities and a meditation room as per the requirements.

We also have fully functional free to patients peripheral dispensaries at 5 different locations in the vicinity of Greater Noida namely Surajpur, Malakpur, Haldoni, Dewla and Sakipur.

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